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You might be interested to know that we are now working on a new cross-platform version of COR called OpenCOR.

COR (Cellular Open Resource) is a Microsoft Windows environment for cellular modelling that is built around CellML 1.0(Offsite...) (except for reactions and metadata which are not supported). It offers, through CellML, an 'out of the box' access to a large database(Offsite...) of single cell models.

COR was developed (and is still being maintained) by Dr Alan Garny(Offsite...), and is freely available to anyone.

Did you know?

To compute 1 s worth of cardiac electrical activity (using Noble Purkinje Fibre Model 1962(Offsite...)) used to take about 2 hours back in 1960. Nowadays, using COR, it takes less than 1 ms (of computation time). This is about 10,000,000 times faster!
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